Sexual Dysfunction


You might be coming into therapy because sex is painful, or you may be confused about your lack of sexual desire. This might be expressed through impotence or erectile dysfunction in men, and is often unhelpfully termed 'vaginismus' in women. The fist step for you might be to overcome the view that there is something fundamentally wrong with yourself. The kind of exploration this involves is based on the view that it would be impossible for you to understand your sexual problems in isolation from the rest of your life. Rather, through careful consideration of your life situation, the possibility of resolution as well as renewed hope for living your life successfully, can emerge for you.

We see many clients whose sexual difficulties stop them beginning a family of their own and through therapy are able to conceive and live life more the way they want to. Many clients are surprised at how meaningful their unwanted symptoms turn out to be. Often sessions might involve the partner attending sessions on occasion also, usually at the start of therapy..

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