What Is


Psychotherapy and counselling are talking therapies that can result in a number of benefits to you.


You can be helped to improve interpersonal relationships or to discover effective ways of dealing with psychological and emotional problems. You can achieve strong, life-changing results that will impact decisively on your future, both at work and in your personal life.

As we are a specialist service in existential therapy, and we are aware you may not be familiar with existential therapy, we have included a section on this website which will tell you about it. In brief, an existential approach to therapy emphasises personal autonomy, in other words, the freedom you have to make choices and decisions, which can greatly alter and shape the path of your life.


Help is available in several formats. You can choose short or long-term arrangements, and sessions can be provided for individuals as well as couples.


This service is strictly confidential and the aim is to create a friendly but professional atmosphere in which difficulties can be explored safely, and resolved. Whatever your problem, you can contact City & East Therapy Practice confident you will be seen without delay.

If you feel you may need counselling or psychotherapy, either to see you through a period of personal difficulty or to tackle longer term problems, City & East Therapy Practice can provide the expert help you need.


Contact City & East Therapy Practice for more information about our Psychotherapy and Counselling Walthamstow and surrounding areasand in East London

Individuals sessions £60 for 50 minutes, £90 for 1hr 20 mins in Bow and Walthamstow, £65 for 50 mins, £95 for 1 hr 20 mins in Canary Wharf.