Couples Therapy
Walthamstow, Bow and Canary Wharf


In couples therapy a number of options are available. Couples can be seen together weekly, or in combination with individual sessions. Sessions can be long-term, or brief, with the possibility of meeting for more than fifty minutes. The most effective way of helping you will be discussed in depth at our first meeting.

Sessions can be of enormous benefit for couples wishing to open up a way to free themselves from destructive patterns of relating or from escalating and circular arguments, and to discover new, more positive modes of communicating, relating and listening to one another.

Separating and divorcing couples also find sessions helpful, to reduce past and current disappointments and hurt, and to make parting as constructive as possible for all parties.


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Sessions from £70 for fifty minutes, £100 for 1hr 20 mins in Bow and Walthaamstow, £75 for 50 mins, £105 for 1hr 20 mins in Canary Wharf.